Russian FAC certificate (Federal Communications Agency certificate)

. The importation of goods into the territory of the Russian Federation is regulated by the national customs legislation of the Russian Federation and international legislation of the Customs Union of the Eurasian Economic Union. The national legislation of the Russian Federation provides the admission on the market of means of communication and other telecommunication goods with the allowed characteristics. The Federal Communications Agency certificate is necessary for legal operation and an address in the domestic market of such goods.

The FAC certificate is required for the confirmation of characteristics of the means of communication including those which are built in and those which are part of other goods. Thus, the Federal Communications Agency certificate is the obligatory document for the operation and resale of communication devices and telecommunication goods.

The FAC certificate for the communication device is registered with the Department of the Ministry of Communications - Federal Communications Agency. The Federal Communications Agency keeps a record of the Federal Communications Agency certificate and performs the functions of the main body of normative-technical support of the system of certification of means of communication. For the purposes of confirming the compliance characteristics of telecommunications equipment, the certificate and declaration are used and have equal legal force, but are not a substitute for each other.

Document title:Russian FAC certificate
Maximum validity:3 years
Document is required for:realization, operation
Document is issued to:manufacturer or authorized entity
Lead time:20 working days
Cost:USD 4000

The provisions of international agreements take precedence over the relevant Russian laws and regulations do not supersede national legislation in this area. Therefore, the Federal Communications Agency certificate is usually not the only necessary permit. According to international or national legislation, the Russian EAC certificate, the Russian RFC certificate, the Russian FSS notification or a Russian EAC license can be demanded in addition.

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