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My wireless modem belongs to 802.15.4, it's RF power is less than 10 dBm, it is working at 869.0 MHz, How can I test its bandwidth? Should I mark the max power point as A, then mark two points B and C whose power level is less than max power 30 dB, then B to C is the bandwidth, am I right? From this test method I found my modem spectrum point B is 868.775 MHz, C is 869.255 MHz ,A is 869 MHz, so the band range is from 868.775 MHz to 869.255 MHz, Can this modem pass certification test?
wangkai 5/8/2017 8:47:01 AM
Hello Wangkai,
Short answer is yes, this is one of possible methods of measurement.
More complicated answer is: ITU, GOST & ETSI use three different methods of measurement.
GOST compliant measurement requires the point A to be setup on unmodulated carrier.
Bandwidth 868.7-869.2 MHz is required for short range devices in Russia. RF power is OK.
Certificate.Net Expert 5/10/2017 1:46:12 PM