Regulatory documents for RFC certificate (RadioFrequency Compliance certificate)

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Dear Sir, Our one of the customer, would like to obtain TRCU certification for export to Russia. The item is Electrical control panel with instruments and switchgear. Please guide us on approx cost, time requirement and technical details required by you. Regards C.G.Inamdar
C.G.INAMDAR 9/25/2019 9:47:17 AM
Dear Inamdar,
Send us a tech description of the product please.
220V AC industrial products require TRCU declaration of conformity Low Voltage Equipment (LVE) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).
220V AC home user products require TRCU certificate of conformity LVE + EMC.
Below 50V AC/ 75V DC products may require only TRCU declaration EMC.
TRCU declaration/certificate could be issued only for the resident of the CU (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and so on).
So the cost depends on the type of the product and local representative service necessity.
Certificate.Net Expert 9/25/2019 2:32:17 PM
My wireless modem belongs to 802.15.4, it's RF power is less than 10 dBm, it is working at 869.0 MHz, How can I test its bandwidth? Should I mark the max power point as A, then mark two points B and C whose power level is less than max power 30 dB, then B to C is the bandwidth, am I right? From this test method I found my modem spectrum point B is 868.775 MHz, C is 869.255 MHz ,A is 869 MHz, so the band range is from 868.775 MHz to 869.255 MHz, Can this modem pass certification test?
wangkai 5/8/2017 8:47:01 AM
Hello Wangkai,
Short answer is yes, this is one of possible methods of measurement.
More complicated answer is: ITU, GOST & ETSI use three different methods of measurement.
GOST compliant measurement requires the point A to be setup on unmodulated carrier.
Bandwidth 868.7-869.2 MHz is required for short range devices in Russia. RF power is OK.
Certificate.Net Expert 5/10/2017 1:46:12 PM