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Dear Sir/Ma'am, we are an E-com business in US, now we wanted to expand it on Russia hence I wanted to know about the procedure of import products. how can we get import license and what would be the total average cost for this. kindly guide me if you can, regarding this or any other way. thanks.
Fizza 1/16/2017 9:25:26 AM
Hello Fizza,
Procedure of import and non-tariff rules depends on the type of the product (its HS code). Our company specialized on electrical and radiofrequency equipment. In short, most of electrical devices (50V and higher) needs to have a EAC certificate. If device includes RF transmitter or uses encryption – then it needs to have RFC certificate or FSS notification or EAC license (or all three, depends on characteristics). So please provide me a product description for more concrete answer.
Certificate.Net 1/16/2017 10:33:41 AM
Dear Sir/ Madam, A CD/DVD drive is bundled in my product (in this case, I am importer of the CD/DVD drive). May I know in what situation the EAC logo is needed for the CD/DVD drive? 1) EAC is in scope for my product. Is the CD/DVD drive to be EAC certified or can it be waived? 2) EAC is out of scope for my product. Is the CD/DVD drive still to be EAC certified too? Appreciate your advise. Thank you.
Kian Sing Goh 4/18/2017 12:16:07 PM
Dear Kian,
CD/DVD drives are not a subject of EAC certification in any case. So you do not have to mark it with EAC logo. If the CD/DVD drive somehow has a EAC mark already (and does not have any EAC certificate/declaration) then it is better to remove or cover it before the customs clearance. If CD/DVD drive is bundled in some product which is a part of EAC certification then only this product should have the EAC certificate/declaration and EAC logo (for example PC). EAC certificate for complicated product may have an additional list of constituent parts of the product where the CD/DVD drive may be.
Certificate.Net 4/18/2017 1:50:52 PM
Dears, please let me introduce myself, i'm Mahmoud elmasry order processing at Consutlix company, which located in Egypt. My request is what are the certificates needed to export our communication testers to Russia and what's the cost and delivery time. Our products are wireless test transmitter and receiver and cable & antenna analyzer, please check our website if needed. www.consultix-egypt.com HS code- 90304000 Regards, Mahmoud.
Mahmoud 6/17/2017 2:57:04 PM
Dear Mahmoud,
These wireless transmitters and receivers, including RF generators for antenna tests, require EAC license. Maximum validity 1 year, the applicant must be the importer in Russia. Lead time 5-7 days, cost USD *** + tax USD *** per HS code. Registration procedure requires to sign a set of application documents and provide:
  • A copy of trading contract - signed by the applicant.
  • A copy of RFC certificate - signed by the applicant.
RFC certificate of conformity for radiofrequency compatibility. Maximum validity unlimited, the applicant must be the authorized representative in Russia. Lead time 2-6 weeks (by applicant’s choice, shorter time requires the bigger tax), cost depends on RF power and RF frequency. Certification procedure requires to sign a set of application documents and provide:
  • A copy of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities form - signed by the applicant.
  • A copy of the order of appointment to the post of applicant’s director - signed by the applicant.
  • A product sample for testing.
Certificate.Net 6/20/2017 5:57:32 PM