Russian Customs license (Customs Union license)

. The international legislation of the Customs Union establishes additional control of import on some types of goods. The legal import of such goods requires a Customs Union license or other authorization documents from the authorized government body.

The complete list of commodity categories for whose import the Customs license is necessary is provided in section 2.16 of the Uniform inventory, to which a ban or restrictions on import or export by member states of the Customs Union within the Eurasian Economic Community in trade with the third countries. Among other civil goods, the Customs license is required for the import of radio electronic equipment and high-frequency devices, including those which are built in or are part of other goods. The Customs Union license is also necessary when importing hardware-software complexes of technical radio control and reception equipment intended for the detection of radio electronic equipment which are a source of electromagnetic radiation (range analyzers, selective voltmeters and other specialized receivers).

The Customs license for the import of radio electronic goods and high-frequency devices in the Russian Federation is given by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The ministry of Industry and Trade keeps account of licensed goods, makes out Customs Union licenses, and carries out the accounting of licenses. For the purposes of entry for imports, the Ministry of Industry and Trade prepares a Customs license under the import contract. A one-time import license for the import of equipment is not a license for the type of activity. Also, a one-time license to import is different from other types of licenses, general or exclusive, which do not apply to ordinary imports.

Document title:Russian Customs license
Maximum term of validity:1 year
Document required for:customs clearance
Document is issued to:Russian importer
Tax:min 7500 RUB. Calculate

The provisions of international agreements take precedence over the relevant Russian laws and regulations do not supersede national legislation in this area. Therefore, the Russian Customs Union license is usually not the only necessary permit. According to international or national legislation, the Russian EAC certificate, Russian CCC certificate, the Russian RFC certificate or a Russian FSS notification can be demanded in addition.

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